Little Inventors

What makes a hero?

Is it their ability to come to the rescue, forge their own path, or help others? Perhaps it's the way they make us feel inside? A hero can take many forms and certainly not all of them wear capes.

Whilst someone who saves me the last chocolate in the box might be my hero, yours might be the teacher who always gives you a smile in the corridor.

The hero is present in so much of storytelling and they are as different as the books that contain them. This World Book Day, get inventing your very own hero and start imagining how their story goes!

The fictional character you create can look like they have been plucked from the pages of a superhero comic or found between the pages of a folk tale. They could have a striking resemblance to a very special family member or friend...

Where does your hero live and how do they dress? Do they have tons of amazing abilities or just one important thing that makes them heroic? Your hero might be a daredevil or a stickler for the rules, a leader or a lone wolf - they might not even be human at all! You are the creator of their world.

Our heroes mean a lot to us. Let's celebrate our love for them and our love for reading!